Want Head Out and Watch the Whales?

Have you ever thought, “I wish I could see a whale up close some day?” It’s one thing to see amazing pictures and documentaries on TV, but imagine if you could smell the sea and feel the spray on your face while you watch one of these massive creatures flopping around in their own personal playground – the Pacific Ocean. Well, if you are really serious about that wish, then now’s your chance to make it come true! All you have to do is get over to Vancouver and book yourself into one of their world renowned whale watching tours.


Vancouver whale watching is the order of the day in Steveston Village which is just to the south of the vibrant metropolis. This is where you will embark on your epic adventure, as you climb on board one of the boats which are operated by Steveston Seabreeze Adventures. They will take you out through the Fraser River, Strait of Georgia and the Gulf Islands where you are sure to see some of the Steveston whales.


While seated in the comfort of their covered vessel you can survey the surrounding waters for any telltale ripples and breaches. Before long you are sure to see stunning sights your eyes have never seen before! And don’t worry, you won’t be left to figure things out for yourself; besides you there will likely be 22 other eager watchers onboard as well as a qualified Naturalist who will be giving you an informed commentary throughout. Both the Captain of the vessel and the Naturalist have extensive experience conducting whale tours in Vancouver waters.


The great thing about whale watching is that it is not only about the whales, although they alone would make it more than worthwhile! Besides whales you are bound to see all manner of marine wildlife including several different species of porpoise, seals and sea lions. There will also be birdlife to admire, not to mention the breathtaking West Coast scenery. All this will be pointed out and explained to you in a fun and educational manner by the certified Naturalist who accompanies each whale watching Vancouver tour group.


Most likely it’s the orca whale watching that you are hoping for, and your hopes will no doubt be fulfilled as this is probably the most well known cetacean when it comes to whale watching in Vancouver. The magnificent black and white orca or killer whale (Orcinus orca) can usually be seen throughout the year. There are two types of orcas; transient mammal-eating orcas, and resident fish-eating orcas. The latter are particularly evident during the summer months when they are feeding on the salmon which are migrating up the Fraser River to spawn. Another fun day trip option is a Vancouver kayaking tour.


Whale watching is a different and exciting experience every day as you never know what you might see. In the unlikely event that you do not see any whales on a particular day, Seabreeze Adventures will give you a free return pass which allows you to come again until you do see them.